NextGen Firewall 7.0.0 build 672

Nachdem das Release 7.0.0-664 zurückgezogen wurde ist eine neue Version seit gestern wieder online. Auch NextGen Admin zeigt für alte und schon 7.0.0 Firewalls ein Update auf die Version 7.0.0.-672 an. Damit sind Fehler behoben die nicht hätten passieren sollen, aber trotzdem passiert sind 😉

Release Notes 7.0.0

Improvements included in version 7.0.0 build 672


Enabling OSPF by setting Run OSPF Router to yes on the OSPF/RIP/BGP Settings page now works as expected. (BNNGF-39115)


The VPN service now works as expected on F-Series Firewalls and Control Centers using 32-bit  kernels: NextGen Firewall F10, F15, F100, F101, F200, F201, F300 and F301. (BNNGF-39297) 

IPsec IKEv1 tunnels using AES256 encryption and SHA256 hashing now work as expected. (BNNGF-39297, BNNGF-39295)


Connection object failover and loadbalancing policies now work as expected when the first entry is a network interface. (BNNGF-39287)

Application Control for SSL encrypted traffic now works as expected when used in combination with IPS and SSL Interception. (BNNGF-39221)

Improvements to the IP defragmentation handling of acpfctrl monitor mode. (BNNGF-39394)

Control Center

NextGen Control Centers in Azure using the old VFC610 model names can now be updated. (BNNGF-39040)

CC Database no longer causes problems logging in to the Control Center. (BNNGF-39285)

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