Cisco IronPort AsyncOS 7.6 for Email

Ironport has updated their operating system AsyncOS for Email to version 7.6

This is a overview of new features and enhancements which are also getting included in the new Cisco Ironport Email Security Channel Partner Trainings.


  • New Feature: IPv6 Support
  • New Feature: RSA Enterprise Manager Integration
  • Enhancement: DLP Message Tracking Privileges By User Group
  • Enhancement: RSA Email DLP’s “Quarantine a Copy and Deliver” Option
  • Enhancement: DLP Message Actions
  • Enhancement: New and Updated RSA Email DLP Policy Templates
  • Enhancement: SenderBase Reputation Service Requires an Anti-Spam Feature
  • New Feature: DKIM Verification Profiles
  • Enhancement: New Tags for DKIM Signing Profiles
  • New Feature: DKIM Signing of System-Generated Messages
  • Enhancement: Skip DKIM Signing Action
  • Enhancement: Rate Limiting and Enforced TLS for Envelope Senders in Mail Flow Policies
  • Enhancement: Separate Update Servers for AsyncOS Upgrades and Other Service Updates
  • Enhancement: Message Size for Encryption
  • Enhanced: Web User Interface Protection


  • IPv6 Support
    not available for: clustering, ESQ, SMA communication, DNS, LDAP, SNMP, FTP, Updates/ Upgrades, Sending Alerts, Remote Access
  • Reputation Engine
    now running directly on-box with database on-box as well – no communication with senderbase database necessary any more
    commands: listenerconfig / setup, fullsenderbaseconfig, repengupdate
  • Extended Header Editing in Content Filter
  • DKIM setup restructured
  • Rate Limit can now be based on “mail-from” within the envelope instead of IP/Domain combination
  • TLS settings based on “mail-from” are also possible using address-lists


The full documentation can be found at

Using DomainKey and Sender ID as an end user

Most implementations for using DomainKeys (or DKIM) and Sender ID are written and used on the level of the MTA to verify the authenticity of the message.

Now iconix has written a piece of software which allows the verification at end-user-level. That allows them to bring the whole process and system behind DomainKeys, DKIM, Sender IDs, SPF and so on from the MTA level to the end-user and in this case allows a broader mass to use the feature.

The tool has still some hick-hacks but its working quite well and the developers trying to fix problems as fast as possible. There are a lot of implementations available at the moment, for different mail programs as well as webmail systems.

If you wanna use one of the above features in your mail environment please don’t hesitate to ask the internet or drop me a message, especially if you are also one of these guys trying to give SPAM no chance. And most important,  if you are using one of the incredible Ironport C-Series machines, setting up DomainKeys or DKIM verification is only a few clicks away 😉