Neue Ausgabe von “The Internet Protocol Journal”

Volume 19, Number 1, March 2016 des IPJ wurde vor einigen Tage veröffentlicht. Das von 1998 bis 2013 von Cisco getragene Magazin wird seit September 2014 von einer Liste von Firmen gestützt. Ganz voran die Internet Society und Cisco.

In This Issue:

  • From the Editor
  • What’s in a DNS Name?
  • QoS and QoE
  • Fragments
  • Call for Papers
  • Supporters and Sponsors

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Vorangegangene Ausgaben findet hier im IPJ Archiv.

About IPJ

The Internet Protocol Journal (IPJ) is a quarterly technical publication containing tutorial articles (“What is…?”), as well as implementation/ operation articles (“How to…”). The journal provides articles about all aspects of Internet technology. IPJ is not intended to promote any specific products or services, but rather is intended to serve as an informational and educational resource for engineering professionals involved in the design, development, and operation of public and private internets and intranets. In addition to feature-length articles, IPJ contains technical updates, book reviews, announcements, opinion columns, and letters to the Editor.

The journal is supported by the Internet Society and other organizations and individuals around the world dedicated to the design, growth, evolution, and operation of the global Internet and private networks built on the Internet Protocol. Previously published by Cisco Systems from 1998 until 2013, the journal was relaunched in September 2014 with the help of numerous supporters and sponsors.

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