Cisco IronPort AsyncOS 7.6 for Email

Ironport has updated their operating system AsyncOS for Email to version 7.6

This is a overview of new features and enhancements which are also getting included in the new Cisco Ironport Email Security Channel Partner Trainings.


  • New Feature: IPv6 Support
  • New Feature: RSA Enterprise Manager Integration
  • Enhancement: DLP Message Tracking Privileges By User Group
  • Enhancement: RSA Email DLP’s “Quarantine a Copy and Deliver” Option
  • Enhancement: DLP Message Actions
  • Enhancement: New and Updated RSA Email DLP Policy Templates
  • Enhancement: SenderBase Reputation Service Requires an Anti-Spam Feature
  • New Feature: DKIM Verification Profiles
  • Enhancement: New Tags for DKIM Signing Profiles
  • New Feature: DKIM Signing of System-Generated Messages
  • Enhancement: Skip DKIM Signing Action
  • Enhancement: Rate Limiting and Enforced TLS for Envelope Senders in Mail Flow Policies
  • Enhancement: Separate Update Servers for AsyncOS Upgrades and Other Service Updates
  • Enhancement: Message Size for Encryption
  • Enhanced: Web User Interface Protection


  • IPv6 Support
    not available for: clustering, ESQ, SMA communication, DNS, LDAP, SNMP, FTP, Updates/ Upgrades, Sending Alerts, Remote Access
  • Reputation Engine
    now running directly on-box with database on-box as well – no communication with senderbase database necessary any more
    commands: listenerconfig / setup, fullsenderbaseconfig, repengupdate
  • Extended Header Editing in Content Filter
  • DKIM setup restructured
  • Rate Limit can now be based on “mail-from” within the envelope instead of IP/Domain combination
  • TLS settings based on “mail-from” are also possible using address-lists


The full documentation can be found at