Multiple SSH Connections to NetApp Filer

More often then expected – it is necessary to connect to the Filer using SSH or Telnet. Console access using a serial cable is not always an option – nevertheless the NetApp is supporting those interactive session – but with some limitations.

  • 1 Console Session using Serial Port
  • 1 SSH/Telnet Session which is interactive and “talks” to you 😉
    ssh [-1|-2] [-6] -l username {IP_addr|hostname}
  • Unlimited number of Telnet/SSH non-interactive session – that means using SSH to fire up a command on the Netapp
    ssh [-1|-2] [-6] -l username {IP_addr|hostname} command

Therefor – tell your colleagues to logout from the SSH session if they do not need it any more 🙂 or do set the SSH/Telnet timeout properly.

FCOE. Can’t we all just get along?

A very nice article on the Cisco Blog from Seth Mashon starts with:

I was sitting in a room with a client the other day and normally in these conference rooms with the mahogany tables and high back leather chairs*, you have Cisco on one side of the table, and the client on the other. However, this wasn’t the case, as the table was formica and the chairs were folding.  Also, in the room was two groups that had never spoken before except in rare cases, “The network is down!” or “Our hosts can’t see their storage!”  Yes my friends, it was the LAN and SAN folks in the room.  The topic of FCoE was in front of us and the question was around their soon to be deployed Nexus 5000 switching infrastructure.    The discussion between the two parties over who would manage the Nexus 5000 reminded me of a scene from Ghostbusters…

The full article can be found here.