The OVF Descriptor File could not be parsed

It is not ending at all – the series of problems using Cisco OVAs within my VMWare Workstation installation. After solving some minor issues I found out that VMWare got shipped with a pretty old OVF-tool. Hitting to the VMWare site and downloading the new one took me one stop closer.

The OVA can be directly converted to a VMWare Virtual Appliance by using ovftool.exe (located in the program directory of ovftool). It is pretty straight forward

ovftool.exe <location of the ova file> <location and name of the VMX file>

After that, the ovftool starts creating and converting any OVA to a VMWare Virtual Appliance. In the meantime you can read through the ovftool documentation – it is a very amazing tool at all.

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3 thoughts on “The OVF Descriptor File could not be parsed”

  1. Thanks a lot for the advice.

    I tried to import OVA file to Workstation7 – got an error, but when I did the same for ESXi – works fine!

    Hope it hepls me as well.

  2. HEY!
    I used the ovftool to convert a vmx file to an ovf file but i got an error.
    Here is the command that i tried to execute

    sudo ovftool “/mnt/test/cen.vmx” “/mnt/test/cen1.ovf”

    This is the error that i got
    Opening VMX source: /mnt/test/cen.vmx
    Error: Failed to open file: /mnt/test/
    Completed with errors

    Please help!!

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