I spend quite some time the last few weeks moving some digital resources. The older I get, the more paranoid I get too, which leads to some very interesting developments. One of the things I wanted to get rid of, was dynamic websites. They need to be updated, not only content wise, but also the frameworks and software to avoid vulnerabilities and losing data.


I moved my blog! From Wordpress to a static website hosted on Github Pages using Jekyll. Nobody knows for how long I am going use Github for hosting the website, but I like the idea of using Kramdown as a markdown-superset. I even find it really convenient using Visual Studio Code to create, modify and update my pages and posts.

I even added a Let's Encrypt certificate to my blog, which was quite simple after setting up a sub-domain for it.


After the wordpress site wasn't necessary any more, I converted the main (www) domain to a static site as well. world4you, my hoster right now, also offers a simple option to get Let's Encrypt certificates, which just needs to be enabled.


One of the next things I am working on.

I have used Resilio Sync for quite some time already. All private data, especially pictures made with mobile phones, gets synced between devices using it. I am considering myself a heavy user with up to 9 devices and 30 shares syncing over multiple devices to multiple destinations. This all works great, but it lacks some features, like a simple way to share files/folders with others or even give someone access to the synced folders to work with them (or few the pictures made). Therefor I am going to migrate parts of it to Nextcloud.

I found an old netbook in the basement which fits my needs, for now. After having everything setup, I am impressed how stable and reliable it is, even on such a small and "underpowered" hardware.

Using a seperate sub-domain also SSL with Let's Encrypt wasn't an issue at all.

Mail System

This is something I need to get done until the end of 2018 as well. I am still using legacy Google Apps. This is something I really regret, moving to Google Apps while I was at the university 15 years ago. Past then, it was a great idea, but today it feels just wrong.

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